Government Integrity

The OGP Platform is to promote Government Integrity and transparency. The government integrity is maintained by strengthening the timely production and publication of audit reports.

The Government Integrity has one commitment: “Timely production and publication of Annual Audit Reports”.

The objective is to promote transparent and accountable government systems and processes.

Commitment # 1 – Timely Production and Publication of Annual Audit Reports

Government Integrity promotes timely release of financial statements, production of annual audit reports and publication for public consumption, investment, decision making and resource allocation.

Members of the Government Integrity Cluster are listed below:

GovernmentCivil Society Organizations
Office of the Auditor GeneralInstitute of National Affairs
Department of FinanceCIMC
Department of Provincial & Local Level Government
Department of Provincial and Local Level Government
Department of Implementation and Rural Development
National Economic Fiscal Commission

Auditor General Office Website for Audit Reports