OGP Participating Agencies

PNG OGP National Steering Committee

The Open Government Forum is a group comprised of members from government and civil society that:

  • Monitors and drive implementation of the PNG OGP National Action Plan
  • Helps develop the next PNG OGP National Action Plan
  • Raises awareness about OGP in PNG


The current members, are appointed for the duration of the 2nd National Action Plan.


  • Department of National Planning and Monitoring – Government Co-Chair, Mr. Michael Kumung.
  • Department of Justice and Attorney General – Mr. Stanley Raka.
  • Auditor General’s Office – Mr. Albert Kimisi.
  • Constitutional Law Reform Commission – Ms. Dorothy Kesenga.
  • Department of Finance – Mr. Tom Tiki.
  • Department of Information and Communication Technology – Mr. Flierl Shongol.
  • PNG Civil and Identity Registry – Ms. Salome Bogosia.
  • PNG EITI Secretariat – Mr. Lucal Alkan.

Civil Society

  • Transparency International PNG – CSO Co-Chair, Ms. Arianne Kassman.
  • Institute of National Affairs –Mr. Paul Barker.
  • Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council – Mr. Henry Yamo.
  • Center for Environment Law and Community Rights – Mr. Peter Bosip.


Frequency of Meetings

The PNG OGP National Steering Committee meets 4 times a year at the Department of National Planning and Monitoring Conference Room.

Cluster Commitees

The Cluster Committees are led by the Co-Chairs to implement the commitments. See more under the Cluster Commitments.

  • Cluster Committees meet at least 4 times a year.
  • Co-Chairs of the Cluster Committees provide updates of the commitment milestones during the National Steering Committee Meetings.

For more information on the Committees, refer to the Terms of Reference.